An article six years in the making…

I am just so ridiculously pleased to finally have this article out. I first presented the material that became this article in July 2011 in Sydney, Australia. I have been on two writing retreats where I’ve worked at least in part on this article. I have rewritten it countless times into three or four different sets of literature, with editors and reviewers’ formal feedback, and the feedback of other people I respect who work in this area. I have listened to and overcome all of the cruel voices. I have sought to connect with good people who have pulled me through the worries that initially prevented me from getting the tone right, the story straight, and encouraged me to be vulnerable even in academic writing, where we least want to be vulnerable due to the very real expectation of withering critique. I’ve even been interviewed in the news about it. You will note the acknowledgements are quite long.

This makes it sound like I had an awful review process, but I really didn’t. It was all very helpful. I guess in the end, some things just take time to be ready. It was another form of slow scholarship, really.

You can access it here if you have university subscription rights. If you don’t have access to academic articles and you want to read it, the pre-print version will be uploaded in the Canterbury repository soon, or you can email me on my UC address and I will send you a copy!

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