About Kelly Dombroski and ‘Throwntogetherness’

Kia ora! Welcome to Throwntogetherness, my personal website. I use it to keep my writing practice going, and reflect on ideas that may or may not later make it into my formal research in my job as a human geographer.

‘Throwntogetherness’ is a term that feminist geographer Doreen Massey uses to describe a particular quality of space that she admires. And by space she means the site where a multiplicity of trajectories engage. I picked this as a title for my blog because sometimes that is what my life feels like — throwntogether at the last minute, a whole pile of previously unrelated trajectories mashing up together into a bit of craziness. And then there is all the related trajectories too — particularly the four little ones that are closely related by virtue of me being their mother.

But this isn’t a blog about organising family life (I am singularly unqualified in that arena), or even about coping in the chaos of said family life (ditto). What I want to explore here is my particular throwntogetherness at this point in time — and as it changes. The particular trajectories of academia, environmentalism, feminism, Christianity, mothering, family life, theology, cross-cultural and decolonising work and research, writing and more as I think of them. If you have an interest in any of those areas, swing by some time and check out what gets throwntogether here. If you are interested in getting in touch for a research related matter or for speaking invitations, contact me via the university. If you are interested in the Community Economies Collective, and my formal research work, please see my profile on the Community Economies website.

Noho haumaru,


25 Aug 2014 10-19-13

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