Workshops and retreat facilitation

I have a lot of experience in facilitating writing retreats for academics, as well as offering workshops on writing, thesis planning and supervising international students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Mentoring that makes a difference.

I’m often asked to meet one on one with students and early career researchers outside of my institution or network. I reserve a few appointments per week for this work. It’s confidential and personalised to your current needs. Whether you are needing to put together a plan to get your PhD back on track, talk through strategies for managing an academic career with kids, or wanting a fortnightly accountability meeting to meet your goals, this is the time I have set aside for you!

Coaching Services

Basic trial session

Mentoring and coaching styles differ for everyone. I offer a no-committment, no-expectation 40 minute coaching session to see how well we connect.

Basic trial session (Unwaged)$45
Basic trial session (Waged)$85

Fixed term coaching packages

If our first meeting works out, we can book in some more regular mentoring sessions based on your main needs. I mainly work through a relevant book with you and provide accountability and encouragement as you seek to get things on track. Feedback on your writing is provided in writing track coaching.

Writing coaching
4 sessions including feedback on article$285
Planning a project
4 sessions including feedback on a proposal or timeline$225
Job application or promotion
2 sessions including feedback on CV and cover letter$115

Workshops and retreats

If you would like me to come and speak at your workshop or facilitate at a writing retreat, contact me for further details. Tailored workshops can be developed to meet your needs, but expect some planning time to be charged. Some indicative prices are listed here.

Retreat facilitator
Per day$1200
Workshop on writing
1.5 hours$180
3 hours$250
PhD student planning workshop
1.5 hours plus 1 hour follow up$220
3 hours plus 1 hour follow up$320

Kelly’s advice and mentoring has enabled me to develop confidence in my ability to independently navigate the publication process, despite cultural and language barriers

— Postgraduate mentee

Kelly has provided opportunities to improve our work that would not otherwise have been available to us. These sessions have provided us with the opportunity to learn to read critically, write in more structured ways, identify and work through some of the challenges facing us as doctoral candidates, all of which reduced barriers to completion and improved our writing.

— Group of early career scholars in group mentoring

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