or, the juxtaposition of previously unrelated trajectories

Commoning in a post-quake city

New forms of commoning in a post-quake city

As part of a new area of research, I’d love to share my new mini-doco with you all. It’s about the new forms of ‘commoning’ that have arisen since the Christchurch earthquake sequence in 2010 and 2011. Of course, I wasn’t here and don’t know as much about it as all the amazing Christchurch people who have lived through it all. But what has struck me since moving here in 2013 is the huge role that art and alternative economies type groups have played in reconstructing community spaces. I gather some of these thoughts in this mini-doco with the wonderful videographic support of Marney Brosnan from graphic solutions.

Thanks also to Katherine Gibson for ‘interviewing’ me, Matt Lesniak for his table analysing The Commons, and Irene Boles and the others who agreed to be interviewed.


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