Throwntogetherness — or the juxtaposition of previously unrelated trajectories

‘Throwntogetherness’ is a term that feminist geographer Doreen Massey uses to describe a particular quality of space that she admires. And by space she means the site where a multiplicity of trajectories engage. I picked this as a title for my blog because sometimes that is what my life feels like — throwntogether at the last minute, a whole pile of previously unrelated trajectories mashing up together into a bit of craziness. And then there is all the related trajectories too — three little ones to be exact.

But this isn’t a blog about organising family life (I am singularly unqualified in that arena), or even about coping in the chaos of said family life (ditto). What I want to explore here is my particular throwntogetherness at this point in time — and as it changes. The particular trajectories of environmentalism, feminism, Christianity, mothering, academia, theology, cross-cultural work and research, writing and more as I think of them. If you have an interest in any of those areas, swing by some time and check out what gets throwntogether here.


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